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Coal Headwear and Hats

Coal Hats and Outdoor Headwear

Comfortable and Performance Outdoor Headwear

This small beanie and hat brand started in 2002 and took what most people thought was an accessory and transformed it into a lifestyle brand.  The iconic coal brand can be seen in the art, skate, snow and wake cultures.  It even branches out further but this is where it got its roots. 

Coal has been defining what headwear should be and continues to change and improve its line.  You can find caps and hats including the Coal hauler and the new Coal Headwear awesome beanies and hatsTumalo.  They also make fun Beanies like the crave line and the classic Uniform style.  Coal goes beyond the standard headwear line and also has some great hoods, gaiters, and balaclavas.  Look for new designs and styles as they constantly come up with some amazing headwear.  Watch for the new squatch hood to be a popular piece this coming winter.   

You Can find all our Coal Hats and Beanies at 88 Gear.  Keep your head warm this winter. 

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