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buy the best selling wakeboard packages

Best Selling Wakeboard Packages

Top 3 Best Selling Wakeboard Packages

Want to know what everyone else is buying?  Trusting your gear and knowing you made a solid purchase is important so we are going to let you know what everyone is grabbing for wakeboard packages.  This is mainly focusing on the board most of these packages with come with the starter or intermediate        wake bindings  

1. Hyperlite State Wakeboard Package

This is our top selling Hyperlite package and for good reasons.  It's an outstanding board that will take your wake skills to new levels.  It is great for beginner wakeboarders and intermediate skill levels.  The Price is perfect starting around $350-$450 depending on what wake boot you pick for the board.  It helps you with the hardest cut for a beginner the toe side wake cut.  The edges are designed to help lock you in and get you up and over the wake.  It's a good board for a group of riders that want to share a board.  Inverts and spins this board can handle it all and that's why so many customers and us recommend the Hyperlite State Wakeboard Package.


2. Liquid Force Trip Wake Package

This board has stood the test of time.  One of Liquid Forces original wakeboards the Trip has always been a go-to Wakeboard.  It's a great budget friendly board that can withstand all the punishment of big tricks and beginner falls.  Liquid Force has updated the shape and board as the years have gone by to stay up to date with current board trends and evolving shapes.  New and old features of the Trip Wakeboard still make this wakeboard a top purchased board year after year.  With bigger boats come bigger wakes so the trip evolved to have a rocker that can handle the increased size and landings.  The molded fins help novice riders advance quicker and a removable fin makes stepping to the intermediate stage even better.  You will notice a slightly smoother and softer landing with the improved shape.  Making riding on a wakeboard even more enjoyable.  Check out all the new features on the Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard.  


3. Ronix Vault Wakeboard Packages

Last is from one of the newer wake companies Ronix.  Started by one of the pioneers in the sport this brand has one of our top 3 selling wake packages.  The Ronix Vault is an awesome board for all skill levels and budget friendly.  Need an extra setup for your friends or do you want to boost some big airs?  The Vault is a perfect wakeboard for tuning your skills or taking inverts and spins to new levels.  The vault helps you ride in a more comfortable position on the water.  This lightweight board has all the building blocks to help progress your wakeboarding.

These are just a few of the wakeboards and Packages available to you.  Some people might want a more aggressive board and other wakeboarders will want a        park wakeboard and bindings.  Whatever you choose we are happy to answer your questions and help you get outfitted with a board that will make you happy.




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