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Pebble Smart Watches

Pebble Smart Watches are Here!

Why a smartwatch?  Do they make you smarter, hip, or just have great functions?  I think all of the above.   The average smartphone user checks their device 221 times a day.  That's right 221!  We all know how many times a day we dig in our pockets to check messages, Facebook, banking, music, and track our fitness.

Keep it simple with Pebble Watches.  Get your messages alerts on your wrist and then decide if its important enough to respond.  Pebble Time has a voice reply, and you even have the option to turn on the vibrating motor for discreet alerts.   Wake up, but don't wake others.  There are thousands of apps that work with the Pebble watches.


Track your Fitness

Control your Music

Water-resistant up to 30 meters for Time and 50 meters for a classic.

With up to 7 days battery life you won't be stuck charging your life away. 

Works with Android 4.0 and higher for the classic and 4.3 for the Time.

Made for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s must have iOS 8 or newer.

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