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How To Care For Your Wakeboard

Treat Your Wakeboards Right With These Tips From Liquid Force and 88 Gear

  1.   Rinse your wakeboard with fresh water after use in saltwater.
  2.  Try and keep your board and bindings out of the sun for long periods.
  3.  NO oils and lotions in or on your bindings.  Use water or a Binding lube.
  4.  It's not a surfboard or bikini line so don't wax it.
  5.  Inspect your wakeboard and bindings every time your ride.  A small tear can easily turn into a trashed wakeboard or binding.
  6.  Replace worn or damaged parts before you ride the board
  7.  Check those fins and make sure they are tight.  They sink like sunglasses.
  8.  Check binding retention bolts before each ride to make sure they are tight.
  9.  Do not use thread sealants like Loc-tie on binding bolts or fin screws.  These types of products can attack some types of plastics causing structural failure.
  10. Gasoline, oils and most other petroleum products can damage your board.  So don't let them near.
  11.    Enjoy your Ride and visit us at 88 Gear water sports for more wakeboarding references and help guides.

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