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Wetsuit Care and Maintenance

How to Care For and Clean your Wetsuit

If you love the water then you want every opportunity to be in it.  That means jumping in after the ice melts and taking advantage of the crisp fall and spring days.  In order to stand that cold water, most people use a wetsuit or drysuit.  wetsuits thickness varies and so does the coverage.  The two most popular suits are spring and full wetsuits.  You will clean and care for these suits in similar ways.  So we are going to touch on the basics of wetsuit care.

Here are the Details

  • When you are finished immediately rinse with fresh water ( Do Not Use Hot Water)
  • Do not wash in a washing machine or with other clothes
  • If you need extra cleaning use a Specialized Wetsuit cleaner ( No Bleach or Cleaning Chemicals)
  • If you used the suit in salt water or chlorine we recommend using a Wetsuit Cleaner
  • Always Hang to Dry when possible and avoid drying in the sun.  The UV light will damage the neoprene and cause the suit to lose its flexibility.
  • When hanging turn the suit inside out to help protect the outer layer
  • Do not use a wire or metal hanger.  Use a wetsuit hanger or durable plastic hanger that won't bend or break.
  • While hanging make sure the wetsuit is flat as possible.  Leave it in the shower or a place where it can drip dry
  • If there is an odor then fill a sink, tub, or large bucket with cool water and use Mirazyme Odor Remover.  Hand wash the suit agitating in the sink or bucket.  Rinse and Hang dry using the above instructions.
  • Never put your neoprene suits in the dryer nor iron them.  Always avoid high heat this is one of the golden rules of wetsuit maintenance. 
  • If you are using the suit in salt water and or chlorine the zipper may need extra cleaning and some lubricant to keep it in good condition. 

These are some of the most basic tips for keeping your wetsuit clean and making it last longer.


If you take away one thing from this make sure to rinse your suit with fresh water after use.  This simple tip will help keep your wetsuit fresh and working like new for years.

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