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Union Snowboard Bindings Overview

Details on Popular Union Snowboard Bindings 

There is a wide range of features packed in Union Snowboard Bindings so it's confusing knowing what to pick and what binding will perform best for you.  We are going to break down some of the best-selling Union bindings and their main features.  Starting with the most basic model and one of the top sellers year after year this binding is priced right and is still packed with tons of features for beginner to intermediate snowboarders.

Union Flite Pro Snowboard Binding

union flite pro snowboard bindings

The Upgraded Toe Straps is one of our favorite features on the Union Bindings.  Now Available on all Union Bindings.  This binding is perfect for those who want a loose feel and an affordable park binding.  Best of all it comes with a Life Time Warranty.  Priced Around $150 this is a awesome binding for the $$$

F#cking Light is its name, and kicking ass in the park is its game. Packed with features like Duraflex Nylon, UltraGrip Toe Straps, CP1 Highbacks and backed with the confidence of a lifetime warranty base, the Flite is the binding choice for endless hot laps in the park.


Duraflex blended nylon is specifically designed for cold temperatures, offering unsurpassed levels of strength and longevity. Engineered for snowboarding, exclusive to Union.



For the 18/19 season, Union proudly features UltraGrip Toe Straps throughout the entire binding collection. Multi-Positional options and thermoplastic anti-slip material keeps you locked in - a simplistic, yet highly durable design.


  • Highback Stiffness is rated at 4 out of 10 - Loose Surf Feel
  • Baseplate Stiffness is rated at 4 out of 10 - Loose Surf Feel
  • Disc Type Works with 4x2 - 4x2 and Channel 

Buy the Union Flite Pro Bindings Here


Next is a new Binding from Union that fits right in the middle.  It has all the performance of the higher end bindings like the Atlas but is priced right.  With a Retail around $190 this snowboard binding will have you dropping in all winter long

Union STR Snowboard Binding

union str Snowboard bindings



The All-New Union STR is the binding for stepping up to larger drops and more technical lines. For riders looking for the performance of the Atlas at a price that’s nice, the STR maintains everything you would expect from our high end. Canted Stage 5 Base, TR16 Highbacks and Classic+ straps make choosing the STR a no-brainer.


Unprecedented performance for the price, the STR represents our philosophy that there is no such thing as “entry level” in our family of bindings. Constantly investing and reinvesting into product is what sets Union apart from the competition.


Ideal for riders using a wide stance, Canted Gas Pedals on the STR supply extra leverage and ollie power. Canting also allows the ankle and knee joints to be aligned, alleviating pain.


  • Highback Stiffness is rated at 6 out of 10 - Medium Flex
  • Baseplate Stiffness is rated at 6 out of 10 - Medium Flex
  • Disc Type Works with 4x2 - 4x2 and Channel 

You Can Buy the STR Union Snowboard Bindings Here


One of Unions best selling med range Snowboard bindings is the Force.  Year after year this binding beats out the competition.  This binding is for those that ride all day every day.   Priced around $250 the Union Force is built with higher-end materials making it pretty much bulletproof.  Topped with their lifetime warranty this binding is definatly tops on our list.

Union Force Snowboard Bindings

Check out Union the new Colorway for the upcoming snowboard season


A brand within the brand, the Force delivers the durability and purity of performance demanded by 100-plus days-a-year riders. An indestructible binding that can handle any condition or terrain with all the features you need and nothing you don’t. Extreme all-day comfort, season after season dependability, and backed by a lifetime warranty base - the Force is simply down for the duration.


Pioneering the concept of “True Flex” base design, Union was also the first binding on the market to incorporate bombproof Extruded Aluminum Heelcups, and Magnesium Buckles.


Compared to other bindings in this price category, the Force stands alone. We have combined superb materials, features and function that merge into an overall value that is second to none.

  • Highback Stiffness is rated at 6 out of 10 - Medium Flex
  • Baseplate Stiffness is rated at 7 out of 10 - Medium Flex
  • Disc Type Works with 4x2 - 4x2 and Channel 

Buy Union Force Snowboard Bindings Here