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Oakley Lens Tints

What Lens Tints Will Work Best For You

What are the differences in the Oakley Lens Tints?  Why are there so many colors and what ones will work best for daylight, clouds, and night?  Find out the lens details for different sports and activities. 

Oakley G30 Iridium Lens

 Essential equipment for world-class golfers, G30™ Iridium® optimizes visual detail to help you read the greens by seeing how the grain is cut, and it boosts depth perception so you can spot subtle variations in the slope to read the break. You’ll see exactly where the fairway ends and the rough begins, and your eyes will have all the critical information they need to avoid the bunkers and judge ball speed for putting. A pro tour secret, this lens also reduces glare and eye fatigue so you’ll stay more relaxed and focused, and it helps you track the ball against the sky and spot it in the rough.
oakley lens tint
  • Best for Grass conditions Like Golf

Oakley Red Iridium Polarized Lens 

No pain, no gain — but it’s not just muscle exhaustion that challenges road cycling and running. The blinding glare from flat surfaces can strain your eyes and fatigue you to the point where you’re ready to quit, or probably should because your mental focus is gone. That’s why we engineered the OO® Red Iridium® Polarized lens to cut 99% of glare from paths and pavement. Harsh rays of light won’t distract you, and with the improved depth perception of enhanced visual contrast, you’ll spot loose gravel and sand, small cracks, potholes and even slick areas that can be danger zones.

oakley lens tint

  • This Lens is Best for Cycling
  • Motor Bike Trips
  • Long Drives

Oakley Bronze Polarized Lens

70% of the world's surface is covered by water, and 100% of it is ready to blind you with glare that can be many times brighter than surrounding light. Our Bronze Polarized lens blocks 99% of reflected glare to eliminate all that irritation, discomfort and distraction. This all-purpose Oakley lens for water environments excels in bright sunlight by reducing eye fatigue to keep you focused and relaxed, and it gives you all-day comfort. We designed it to enhance visual contrast and depth perception to help you spot things on the water and beneath the surface, including potential hazards.

oakley lens tint

  • Best for Casual Boating
  • Beach Days
  • Fishing or Sport Boating
Oakley VR28 Black Iridium Lens

The split-second maneuvers of mountain biking demand the most from your eyes, and the fatigue of trail running requires visual focus to offset the loss of mental focus. In medium to low light, our specially engineered VR28® Black Iridium® lens maximizes clarity and depth perception by increasing contrast between the subtle shades of brown, green and red in trail environments. From the traction of hero dirt to the slip & slide of dry sand and soil, you’ll spot every variation, and you’ll find your best line through loose rock, roots, and outcroppings that dare to compromise your safety.

oakley lens tint

  • Works Best in Medium to Low Light Areas
  • Best for Mountain Biking 
  • Casual - Motor Dirt Bike
  • Trail Running In Lower Lights


Oakley Black Iridium Lens

Ideal for bright sun, this HDPolarized® lens blocks 99% of reflected glare. The Iridium® lens coating balances light transmission to help you maintain color recognition, and the Plutonite® lens material inherently filters out 100% of all UV

oakley lens tint

  • Best for Everyday Activities
  • Being Outside All Day
  • Casual Use

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