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Darn Tough Sock Height and Cushioning

What Sock Cushioning is best for you.

Darn Tough has many different types of socks for different activities.  Each requires a different amount of cushion to provide the best performance possible.  Hiking, running, or just working there is a sock for your activity.  Also, you will find our sock height chart showing average heights of certain Darn Tough sock styles.

Cushion Guide 

  • Ultra-Light: Our lightest sock for race day or anyone looking for a lighter-than-air feel from a tougher than hell sock.
  • Ultra-Light Cushion: Provides a light layer of cushioning along the bottom of the foot. Ultra-Light, ultra-comfortable.
  • Light: Built light, darn comfy and super strong—substantial construction for a lightweight, sure fit.
  • Padded Light: A lightweight sock with specialized padding exactly, and only, where it's needed. Skiers and riders know what we’re talkin’ about.
  • Light Cushion: Light and strong with a thin layer of cushioning along the base of the foot. Our most versatile construction.
  • Cushion: Mid-level cushion density underfoot. A warm and ultra-comfortable choice when conditions demand it.
  • Padded Cushion: Take our Cushion sock and add high-density padding exactly where it’s needed most—like the along the shin or underfoot. Play all day.
  • Full Cushion: High density cushioning throughout the entire sock for full-on comfort and performance.
  • Extra Cushion: Our thickest, burliest and highest density cushioning makes for a big, bad monster of a sock.

Sock Height Chart

Darn Tough Sock height Chart

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