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CAPiTA Snowboards - Choose The Right Board

What CAPiTA Snowboard Should You Pick?

Not all snow conditions are equal and your snowboard should fit the type of snowboarding you do.  We are going to break it down into All Mountain, powder, boards, and park snowboards.  These boards are designed specifically for their conditions so they will naturally ride better in the correct environment.  For example, you don't want to take a powder board that floats and carves to the snowboard park or urban setting.  Another example if you are crossing over from the park to the hill you might want to stick with an all mountain board that works in multiple conditions.  Let's get to the boards and see what Capita board is going to work best for your style.

* Showing Men's Selection 

Snowboard Park Boards - Jumps and Rails

Urban Snowboards - Winching Rails and Street Settings

  • Ultrafear
  • Scott Stevens Pro
  • Indoor Survival 
  • Horroscope

All Mountain Snowboards - Some Park and Recreational Riding

These do it all boards are great for those looking to ride a little bit of everything.  Take some laps in the park and head back to the mountain for some fun fast runs.  These all-mountain boards make a great beginner boards if you are just starting out. 

  • Capita DOA
  • Outerspace Living
  • Mercury
  • The Navigator
  • Indoor Survival
  • Spring Break Twin
  • Supernova
  • Warpspeed
  • The Black Snowboard of Death
  • Kazu Kokubo
Powder Boards - Fresh Snow Floating and Carving 
  • The Black Snowboard of Death
  • Kazu Kokubo
  • Warpspeed
  • Neo Slasher
  • The Spring Break
  • Capita Navigator 

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