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About Howler Brothers

Details on the Trending Brand Howler Brothers 

Based in Austin, Texas this duo is making some of the coolest clothing for the surf and fishing sports.  One of a kind designs that can easily go from surf to your local bar.  Where does the Howler come from?  The brothers who are not really brothers based this brand on one of the loudest animals in North America the Howler Monkey.  On a surf trip to Costa Rica, they heard the loud call from a Howler and developed a connection with the sound.  When you are doing something you love like surfing sometimes the smallest things can bring you back to your happy place.  You can see the howler on the Elmo t-shirts and hats.  You can also find lots of items with the saying Heed the Call. 

Every Howler Brother piece is crafted with a well thought out plan.  They use collaborations with local artists or events to make one of a kind pieces.  Once you try a howler brothers clothing item you will see the detail that goes into it.  This brand embodies the surf, fishing, and paddling lifestyles and we dig it.  Find Howler Brothers at 88 Gear this spring and remember to Heed the Call.

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