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Getting up on a wakesurf board tips and help video

Wakesurfing Tips - Getting up On the Wakesurf Board

Beginner Wakesurfing Tips from Phase Five 

If you are having trouble mastering your start or getting up on the board you need to check out this short video.  We know how hard it is starting out new sports the frustration, defeat, the waiting to do it so badly your willing to prune up in the water.  It's easy for those in the boat to give you advice and yell back at you do this not that etc etc.  It's also hard to read about a new skill like wake surfing vs. visually seeing what others are doing.  On the other hand, this may not be helpful if you watch someone so good they don't use any of the beginner techniques.  Phase Five had this amazing beginner video for those who have not yet mastered getting up on a wakesurf board.  Check out this video below and you can see even more tips from Phase Five Surfers and 88 Gear.


We hope this introductory wakesurfing video helped you master a new skill.  If you need a new wakesurfer we have lots of options with Phase Five Surf Boards. Plus all the wakesurfing accessories like ropes and shapers to make your time on the water insanely fun. You can shop all our wakesurfing boards and accessories at 88 Gear water sports


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