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32 shifty snowboard boots with BOA

Thirty Two Shifty BOA Snowboard Boots - Affordable and Awesome

Thirty-Two Shifty BOA Snowboard Boots New For 2018

Looking to get into snowboarding without busting the budget & grabing great equipment at the same time?  At a $169.99 Price point, the Shifty Snowboard Boots with a BOA lacing system are perfect entry to intermediate level boots.  Stand up to all weather conditions with a rubber outsole keeping out rain, ice, slush.  Comfort is the name of the game if your looking to have a perfect fitting boot that allows you to ride all day.  Heat moldable liners found at this price point don't come around too often.  Plus the boot has a redesigned tongue to add extra comfort and less pressure points providing an unreal riding experience.  This boot is also designed to have a lacing system that grips your heel to help hold you down as you learn basic turns and even jumps and rails.


TECH FEATURES OF The 32 Shifty Boot


  • BOA Closure Lace System
  • Performance Rubber Outsold
  • Internal Lacing System
  • Comfort Internal Harness
  • Comfy Tongue
  • Intuition Foam for Heat Molding

Grab Some Great 32 Snowboard Boots from 88 Gear and Get Shredding 

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