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Top features in our favorite reef sandals

Three Best Features On Top Reef Sandals

It is close to spring and that means new clothing and footwear and coming into the store.  We always get excited this time of year because we get to see all the latest prints and features on the clothing and sandals.  The t-shirts are getting softer and smarter with all the tech you can now put into clothing.  Ultra-soft blended shirts, quick-drying materials and even UV blocking shirts that keep you protected from the sun.  Some of our favorites are the new Jetty and Salty Crew graphic tees as you can't go wrong with any of them.  The spring line also includes a wide selection of sandals and slip-on summer shoes.  We know the weather isn't ideal for this type of footwear but for those heading on a vacation to a warmer climate then you should consider some of the most popular Reef sandals styles and features.  

Let's dig into why these must-have features on Reef make them a top choice for men's and women's spring and summer footwear.

The standard for Reef is a style that has one of the coolest features:

The Fanning is a style that comes in different forms, colors, and materials.  You can choose from the classic Reef fannings with a cushioned footbed and our favorite feature the bottle opener on the base.  This hidden gem helps you quench your thirst in any situation. Reef Fanning Sandals with bottle opener feature  If this was the only thing on the sandal it would be a nice gimmick to show your friends and crack a brew open here and there, but that's not all this sandal has.  It is durable and comfortable just as a high-end sandal should be.  With the wide sandal strap, it fits and feels like a casual shoe.  The EVA footbed and airbag in the heel area gives you all-day comfort.  If you like the regular Reef Fanning and have owned it in the past then look at the newer fanning low or fanning leather for an upgraded sandal.  



Next, we have a newer style in the past few years that has quickly become one of our best selling sandals.  The Reef Phantom Cushion Bounce is without a doubt one of the most comfortable styles we have ever tried.  The top feature on this sandal is by far the cushioned footbed. Here are a few more features on the Cushion bounce sandals.  

  • Featuring Reef signature cushion bounce footbed
  • High energy rebound for more cushioning in every step
  • Modern contouring with anatomical arch support and heel cupping for support
  • Full-grain leather upper with padded jersey lining
  • Outboard lasted construction for increased comfort
  • High-density rubber sponge outsole

Also, note these are made without PVC making them environmentally friendly.  You really have to put these on your feet to appreciate the comfort these sandals have. 

Reef Cushion Bounce Sandals - Ultra Comfortable

This last sandal does more than feel comfortable it supports your feet

With orthopedic support, you can now wear casual footwear without having foot issues afterward.  Orthopedic footwear provides all sorts of benefits to the user making any Reef Sandals with Ortho a top feature.  As you spend more time on your feet the natural curve in the foot starts to flatten out causing pain in multiple areas.  This can happen to people of all ages it just depends on your footwear, how often you are on your feet, and the activities your doing.  The orthopedic sandals by Reef are perfect for giving you the proper support and comfort most casual sandals don't.  Here are a few more features on the Reef Ortho Sandals


  • Enhanced arch support with optimal heel cupping
  • All-day support from anatomical contouring
  • Shock absorbent cushion bounce footbed to reduce impact under every step
  • ECO-One Enhanced Biodegradability footbed
  • Recycled PET webbing strap with vegan leather detail
  • Made with PVC-free materials
  • Molded rubber outsole with flex grooves for maximum movement and stability

We like these sandals even if you don't have foot problems as they will help keep your foot's natural arch in place.  Not only that they are very comfortable and durable sandals for everyday use. 

If you want to see more of Reef sandals and footwear you can click the link and view all the styles at 88 Gear 










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