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The Coolest Boating Toys

Cool Aquatic Water Devices RAD - FAD - and Now PAD Collection Should be on Every Boat


These Multipurpose inflatable boating toys will have you enjoying summer just a tad more.  

The RAD Collection comes in 3 sizes and is perfect for adults and kids.  Possibilities are endless with a RAD.  Use it as Tube, Pool Toy, Ski Disk, or Kneel on it to navigate across the water - Shop the HO RAD HERE

HO Rad 3'


Next up the FAD - Kneeboard, Tube, or Surf.  Inflates in minutes to save you space on the boat and at home.  Hook up the Ski Handle and you can ride with the built in handles. 

Shop the HO FAD Here

HO Fad Towable


Water Mats are pretty cool for taking a break and chilling out but they do take up lots of space.  Inflatables are the Next wave of Water Mats because they save space and are just as durable as their foam cousins.  Water Slide, Lounge. Twister Mat, and Party PAD all in one. The HO PAD brings another level of fun to your day on the water.  Dock your boat and make a 10x5 island in the middle of the lake.  Get a PAD and see what all the excitement is about. 

Shop the HO PAD HERE

NEW Inflatable Play Water Mat


 See the RAD, FAD and PAD in action and thanks for check out 88 Gear





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