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Backup Gear for Snowboarding

Snowboarding Backup Gear

Backup Snowboard Gear 

Heading out for a day of shredding should be fun filled but it can turn into a disaster if you are not prepared.  Nothing is worse than paying for a lift ticket and taking a few runs then finding out something is loose or fell off.  We are going to list a few of the items you should be prepared with our backup essentials for snowboarding.   

Snowboard Goggles

Starting in the morning and snowboarding into the night is tough but if you can hang all day an additional set of goggles or swappable lenses are great to have.  You can ride with or without but having the right lens for different light transitions will help you see all the obstacles and bumps on the snow you might otherwise miss.  Also seeing clearer will reduce the stress your eyes are putting on your body and you will have a bit more energy at the end of the day.

Rub On Wax

Next, the bottom of your snowboard is coated with a super thin layer of wax.  Having the correct wax is crucial for keeping speed during warmer or colder riding days.  If you notice a sluggish run check the bottom of your board and see if there is any wax left on the board.  If it's bone dry some rub on wax can save the day and get you through a partial day of boarding.  You might have to apply a rub on wax more than once if you're riding all day.  Make sure to have your board professionally waxed once you are done so you are ready for the rest of the season. 

Snowboard Gloves and Mitts

Conditions can change on the mountain in minutes it can be snowing the next thing you know it could be sunny.  If it's dumping snow there is a change your gear will be damp and wet.  Most times your extremities are the first to get cold so if your gloves are wet you can guess what's going to happen.  Your fingers and hands will be cold if your gloves are wet so a spare pair is always good to have.  Gloves can easily go in your pockets and can double to hold your spare wax tin.  Being cold and miserable might not stop everyone from snowboarding but the next item on the list will end your day. 

Snowboarding Bindings

The part with the most moving parts is the binding.  Holding your boots against the board or binding this part is crucial to snowboarding.  Hardware, Straps and small rachets all work together to keep you locked in.  These parts get a workout if you're doing quick runs or riding on a smaller hill.  Having a spare parts kit for your bindings is always a good idea.  Consider these parts. Spare straps, screws, and maybe one ratchet.  Most hills have a Phillips screwdriver for customers to use but having your own in the vehicle doesn't hurt.  We don't recommend taking these parts on the hill with you as they can easily get lost or harm you during a fall. 

Hydration - Water

Last on the list Water.  Take plenty of water before during and after riding.  If you are not around higher altitudes often it's really important to dring lots of water to avoid dehydration and altitude sickness.  You can use a camelback or take a bottle with you as you ride.  If those are not options don't work for you make sure to buy a bottle every few runs. 

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