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Rocker vs Camber Snowboards - 88 Gear

Snowboard Rocker & Camber Differences

Two Features on Snowboards You Should be Aware of

This is one of the main items on your snowboard that will affect the way you ride on the snow.  The base of the snowboard sits on the snow in different ways with both the rocker style and camber.  Each will give you a different feel on the snow as you ride over it.  Choosing just one way is ok for most snowboarders but having the ability to ride both is definitely a plus so some people will own one of each.  There are also boards that incorporate some of each technology.  Having the camber where your feet hit the snow but the very midsection of the board will have a rocker.  See below for an example of this hybrid style.  This board was originally developed by Sims in the very early days of snowboarding but has been brought back with new and updated designs.  Most notably by the lib skate banana 

camber and rocker snowboard hybrid base

Now, let's break down the main points of each style and let you know what are the benefits of having on style vs the other.  First the tradition camber style.  See the image below before we go on into detail about it. 

Tradition Camber Style Snowboard:

Traditional Camber on a snowboard

The Snowboard has flex in the middle that will eventually flatten out when you step on the board.  The point of the upward curve or camber is to give you better control when carving.  The points of the board that are toughing the snow with the most energy are where your feet are.  This will make for a much more responsive edge while carving down the mountain.  It will also give you more pop off the snow and jumps.  The upward curve has stored energy because of your body weight on the board. When you become weightless or get in the air the energy is released giving you that extra pop.  The one downside to having a camber board is that you might catch an edge more often if you are new to snowboarding.

Now the next style the rocker looks just the opposite of the camber snowboard.  The curve in the board goes the opposite direction lifting the tip and tail off the snow. 

Rocker Snowboard or Also called Reverse Camber

snowboard reverse camber or rocker board - 88 Gear 

As you can see the board looks like it would be able to rock just as the name implies.  The rocker snowboard will give you a floating feeling and it will be easier to switch riding directions.  Your feet will be on the elevated points that will flatten out when weight is applied.  Rocker boards are perfect for deeper or new snow because they naturally keep the tip and tail elevated.  You will get slightly less pop off the snow and less traction as the board is lifting up on your feet.  

All of these styles talk to different snowboarders looking to ride and progress in their own unique ways.  There is no one right or wrong board to own or ride it comes down to personal preference or what works best for you.  If you are into making precise turns and getting big air then the camber might be a better choice.  If its the lure of riding in fresh powder all day then the rocker might be a solid choice for you.  Find more about snowboards and if you are in the market to purchase a board then check out 88 Gear Sports 

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