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Ronix One Time Bomb Wakeboard - So Explosive

Ronix One Time Bomb Wakeboard

This 3 Stage Rocker wakeboard will have its riding flying off the wake with one of the most explosive kicks available.  The core is solid igniting off the wake like no other board you have ever ridden.  Something new for the 2018 board is fuse stringers.  4 stringers run vertically through the board creating a snappy takeoff without a hard landing.  This means two things less strain on your body and a stronger board with more snap off the wake.

Riding smoothly on the water comes from the speedwalls.  Less drag and resistance means way less strain on your body.  This should also increase your riding time behind the boat. 

The Main Feature on the One Timebomb are

  • Explosive 3 Stage rocker for insane wake pop.
  • Fuse Stringers for pop and board strength
  • Speedwalls give the board a smooth ride
  • Fiberglass core 

Look for the Ronix Timebomb to be a higher end wakeboard for intermediate to advanced riders looking to get more kick from their board.   You can shop Ronix Wakeboards and water sports equipment at 88 Gear 


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