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top gear for 2019 and into 2020

Reviewing 2019 Gear and Whats New in 2020

We are going to look at some of the new products that hit the market in 2019 and made a splash with consumers.  When you look at the young sport of wake surfing there seems to be more new products and innovation always happing around the sport.  On the other hand, more established sports like water skiing or snowboarding have less innovation but still, new features and products surround the sports each year.  So let's start with one of our favorite products that mimics snowboarding and can take you off-road.  Our first favorite product from 2019 is the powered board by Onewheel.

The Onewheel Pint

This is the newest entry-level board in the onewheel family and should bring more customers into the powered board sport.  Starting at $950 the price gets you a more portable board that has similar features to the XR minus the range and size of course.  If you are not sure about dropping all that money on the Onewheel XR then the pint is a sure way to go as it's super powerful and a blast to ride.  You can see more of the Onewheel pint at 88 Gear

Next, these boards are not new and neither is the concept but this past year the sport reached new audiences all over the world.  We would always see these behind the boat on an air chair but now the world of wake foiling has changed. 

Wakefoil Boards are another Break Out Item in 2019

Foils have come so far in the past two years to have different masts, wings, and applications altogether.  We are even seeing a big demand for Efoil boards.  Riding above the water is great because you use different parts of it for speed and staying in motion.  The foil keeps the board elevated so you can ride in choppy water or conditions you may not of in the past.  Look for wake foiling to continue to grow in 2020 as new foils and boards hit the market with new features and price points.  See new foil boards from Liquid Force and Slingshot at 88 Gear this coming summer.

Clothing can't really change right a t-shirt is still a t-shirt and a hoodie is still a hoodie no matter what changes you make to them.  Well, this holds true but designing clothing that's buttery soft and unlike anything out, there isn't easy.  It's a competitive market and everybody wants to get into it.  We have one brand that customers can't get enough of because of these reasons.  The soft shirts and the style that speaks to watermen.  Fishing, surfing, beach bums, travelers and everyday people love the Howler Brothers brand because they are doing it differently. 

Howler Brothers Clothing and Hats

We look forward to each new season because of the lineup of t-shirts, and hats keep getting better.  When you break away from the staple products you can find even more unique hoodies and snap shirts that have new custom embroidery designs each season.  Check out the Howler Brothers latest clothing to see what's new.

New and A Hit with Consumers

Last is our friends that keep surprising us with some of the coolest gear for the water.  They opened the door to make wake surfing waves better by adding the mission delta an aftermarket wake shaper to existing boats.  These wake shapers were not the first to hit the market but definitely the best and easiest way to attach them to your boat.  Mission boat gear has the special sauce for making new and innovative items for the lake and wake sports.  Sentry fenders were one of our best selling items and customers loved how easy they are to use.  When you take an existing product and make it better and easier to use customs love that.  Who wants to waste time tieing a rope and making sure everything is secure when this product simplifies all of that.  They can be used to be a permanent bumper on your dock or a quick over the side fender for the boat.  The cool thing is Mission isn't going to stop making awesome gear.  They already have a handful of new items ready for 2020.

Look for these New items in 2020

  • Titan boat fender - Great for boat tie-ups
  • Fill your own ballast bags with sand
  • New wake foils and more Efoils
  • Wakesurfing will continue to have new wakesurf boards and accessories
  • Wakesurf Fins - New shapes and designs to create speed and release
  • Exciting new clothing and surf brands like more Jetty, Salty Crew, and Howler Brothers
  • Build-in pads for Snowboard Pants
  • More exchangeable snowboard goggles
  • New ways to use BOA tightening systems
  • and lots more we didn't mention

There will be new items hitting the market this spring and next fall as each sport releases the teasers and gear to the market.  Check out what is currently in and ready to ship at 88 Gear Sports




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