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Reef Deckhand Boat Shoes why they are awesome

Reef Deckhand Boat Shoes

One of our Favorite Summer Shoes

Reef Deckhand is a casual shoe that's worn much like a sandal.  It's recommended you go sockless but really it's whatever floats your boat.  Here are some reasons why we like them?  

  • They go on easy and come off easy.  Tie them loose so you can slip them on and off if you are around the sand of water. 
  • Comfortable as a shoe with Reefs swellular technology.  
  • Priced right for inbetweener.  Your getting a cross between and sandal and shoe so 2 for 1 priced around $55 is pretty nice. 
  • They go with multiple outfits.  This casual shoe can be worn with shorts, pants, and khakis.  You can almost pull them off as dress shoes if they are clean. 
  • Better Traction vs your normal slip on or Boat Shoe.  Reed Deckhand also has the swellular traction on the bottom of the shoe.

Reef Deckhand Boat Shoes


Reef Deckhands should be on your summer watch list.  If you don't have them try on a pair at our store and see why these are one of our favorite shoes. Check out all our Reef Sandals and Shoes at 88 Gear 

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