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Open Toe Vs. Closed Toe Bindings

Open Toe Vs. Closed Toe Bindings

Open Vs Closed Toe Wakeboard Bindings

It can be daunting trying to choose the right wakeboard gear for you or your younger crew.  Will they like the colors the style and fit?  Do you have to buy a pair for everyone or can they share some of the wake gear?  When we looked at wakeboard bindings, in particular, we wanted to break down some of the advantages of the open and closed toe boots.

Let's start with the classic the Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings

Open Toe Advantages

  • Fits a wider range of riders - Size Range for Mid Sized is 7-10.5
  • Can be Used for the Park and Boat
  • Great for a Starter or Intermediate Binding
  • Usually Costs Less - Price Range can be $150 - $300
  • Easy to Use Simple Lace System - Sometimes they come with or without straps
  • Compatible with most boards and setups - excluding the Hyperlite System

Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings

These are just a few of the Highlights that make Open Toe Bindings a Good Option.

Closed Toe Advantages

  • Fits on Average 2-3 foot sizes  Example a 10 could fit a 9-11
  • More Precise Fit usually for one wakeboarder to use and NOT SHARE
  • Helps in the colder water keeping your toes warmer
  • Usually Comes with extra features - Could be BOA extra top straps or better liners inside the boot.
  • Some come with Walkable liners for the Parks
  • Most Newer Pairs will have removable heat moldable liners
  • More responsive boot because they are designed to fit better on your feet

Ronix Closed Toe Wakeboard bindings

Those are just a few of the features on Closed Toe Bindings.  Each Manufacture and Brand has specific features not listed on here.  Noted above are general features about a closed toe wake boot.

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