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Shop New Hyperlite Wakesurf Boards at 88 Gear

New Hyperlite Wakesurf Boards

New Hyperlite Wakesurf Boards Are In

 to get the latest in surfing gear?  All the new 2018 boards are in and ready to ship.  The best selling Hyperlite broadcast wakesurfers to the new Varial Surfers from Hyperlite.  If you're new to surfing we have entry-level setups all the way to I want to surf every day setups.  The technology and shapes keep evolving so if you haven't looked at upgrading your old board it's time.  

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Boards for All Sizes and Riding Levels

Tons of Shapes that cater toward your riding style.  Surf and Skim and even Hybrid boards that carry both styles in one board.  Check out the new Time Machine Wakesurfer-

Perfect for Riders of all sizes.  This board will amaze you on how responsive and fun it is to ride. 

 Hyperlite Time Machine Wakesurf Board

This Time Machine is set for the future, of wake surfing that is! If you've been looking for a snappy surf style shape the Time Machine is what you've been waiting for. The duel concave in the tail of the Time Machine produces a fast ride and keeps you in the wave, any wave for that matter. Tested with surfers up to 220 lbs. the Time Machine is super responsive and can pop big airs with ease. Customize your ride with 4 fin settings featuring the Future Fin System. Never before seen in the world of Wakesurfing is our innovative 100% fully corked top sheet, providing the necessary grip for smashing the wave. Find the future this season with Hyperlite's Time Machine. 

Shop the Time Machine Here - 88 Gear Water Sports


Look for more wakesurf boards to arrived through the following months.  You can shop all your favorite brands and boards in one place.  Check out 88 Gear for Everything Water Sports. 

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