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big shot aquatic discs at 88 gear

Round Aquatic Discs Are A HIT!

Big Shot Idrodisk - Stand, Sit, Spin, and Tow with the Boat

Aquatic Discs are truly a water sports toy for everyone.  These versatile towables can accommodate the most experienced rider to a beginner.  Made by Slingshot Sports and enjoyed by everyone.  What can you do with a Hydro Disc?  Stand up like you are water skiing or turn sideways like you are wakeboarding.  Have a little one?  No problem hook the handle up to the idrodisk and you have a towable.

They can be deflated so storing them is a breeze.  

Made out of the same materials as the slingshot Stand Up Paddle Boards you know your getting a superior product. 

Get out on the Water and Include Everyone in the FUN!


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