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How to Spin a 360 Wakesurfing at 88 gear

How to Spin a 360 Wakesurfing

Need Help Learning a 360 Wakesurfing

You are up slashing the wake and having the time of your life but you want more.  This is one of the best things about board sports is progression.  It's why you either like it or love it.  Progression is the part that makes you hungry to go out every day and get better at your craft.  Without the ability to learn new tricks and skills wakesurfing wouldn't be as exciting.  Doing a surface 360 is one of the first and most basic tricks to start with.  Having the right board will also make learning the trick easier as well.  Catch this video below and get some insights on how to Backside 360 surface spin while wakesurfing behind your inboard boat.  Please do not try surfing behind an IO or outboard boat.

Check out Phase 5 Trick Tips for a Backside 360

If you want more help or tips on wake sports we have tons of articles and videos to help you progress.  If you need a new wakesurf board you can find tons for sale at 88 Gear Water Sports. 


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Christine Perry - August 29, 2018

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