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Turtle Fur Neck tubes wear them multiple ways

How Many Ways Can You Wear Turtle Fur Tubes

Versatile Neck Tubes for Winter

Turtle Fur can be worn multiple ways making it a go-to piece in winter.  You can easily put this neck collar in your coat pocket and not even notice it's there.  This one-piece can cover just about anything on your head to help keep you warm in the winter.  The most common use is a neck collar or tube but, it doesn't stop there.  Need a headband, then just scrunch it up and wear it around your head.  How about a face mask?  Yeah, turtle fur tubes can be worn at least 12 different ways.  Check out the image below and see all the ways you can wear your turtle fur. 

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 How to Wear Your Turtle Fur Tubes

Turtle Fur Tubes and Neck collars how many ways can you wear them

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