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Great Gifts for the Holidays

Great Gifts for the Holidays

Gifts For The Holidays & Anytime

Looking to wow someone this year with the ultimate gift?  What can you give that won't get returned and will put smiles on their face?  It's tough trying to purchase gifts, all that effort and time to have it returned or not liked doesn't always sit well with the giver.  We have a few gifts that are simple and usually stick with the recipient. 

First off Beanies are pretty simple and usually come as a one size fits all.  The Most popular color is Black and 2nd would be a shade of grey.  It's the one item you can't have enough of.  Make sure you have one in the car for backup and an everyday casual style.

Men's and Women's Beanies - Shop HERE

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Next, a Water Sports item that's not size relevant.  One of the most popular boating and water sports item is a rope.  They tend to only last a couple years or less if your an avid boater and is an essential to Water skiers, wakeboarders, and Surfers.  Any enthusiast of these sports would be happy to receive a new or upgraded rope and handle. 

Wakeboard - Water Ski - Surf Handles & Ropes - SHOP HERE

 Wakesurf rope shop at 88 Gear


So what is a gift someone would flip over?  It's not for everyone probably 8 years -45 age range.   They would have to be into board sports to appreciate it.  You would also need to make sure they have a helmet.  It's the Onewheel board.   Probably the coolest toy or board you will ever step on.  Powered by a motor in the wheel it can take you over almost any terrain.  Travel up to 6-7 miles on a charge and recharge in 20 min.  Retailing at $1,299 for the regular and $1,499 for the plus its not for everyone.  Get the feeling of snowboarding on the pavement when you start cruising on a Onewheel

Onewheel Boards and Accessories - Shop the Onewheel Here

 Buy the onewheel and Plus at 88 Geawr

Tech is always a fun gift but you have seen all the tech right?  TV's, Speakers, headphones, talking bots.  What has a practical everyday use that will save your hide when you lose something important?   Like your keys or phone?  We think there is a great product called Orbit and its a lifesaver.  Its small and will fit on your keychain.  When you can't find your keys activate it and it will buzz letting you know where they are.  It also works in reverse for your phone. They are an inexpensive gift in the range of $20-$29 

Shop the Orbit Key Finder HERE

Shop Orbit key finder at 88 Gear

 Last is another water or boating item.  Make a play spot anywhere on the water with on of these.  Turn your lake or pond into a sunbathing spot.  Let the kids go wild on these.  Inflatable water mats.  There are a couple cool ones we wanted to highlight.  First the most durable mat that comes with a pump and storage bag. 

The Mission Water Mats

buy mission water mats at 88 Gearshop mission water mats 88 gear wisconsin


A new Feature to water mats is the shade -  We like HO ishade tent 

We saved the best for last it's the slingshot idrodisk.  A multi-purpose inflatable that can be used as a towable, water mat, or stand up tube.  Best of all you can use this in the winter. At $449 this 5-foot tube will provide loads of fun in the summer and winter if you choose to brave the cold. 

Shop the Slingshot idrodisk - HERE

idrodisk water mat by slingshot - shop at 88 Gear

Shop For all your water needs at 88 Gear where you can find wakeboards, water skis, life vests, and apparel.

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