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Phase Five Wakesurf Boards tips to get up on the board - 88 Gear

Getting up on a Wakesurf Board for the First Time.

Getting up on a Wakesurf Board

Riding on a Wakesurf Board isn't as hard as getting up for the first time.  Why does it look so easy when someone else does it?  Because they have muscle memory built up and it takes a lot less effort after you have succeeded multiple times.  Once you have mastered getting up on the board riding on top takes less effort and less time to grasp the concept.  Now throwing the rope in the boat might be a different story. 

Use these beginner tips from our friends at Phase 5 Wakesurfers.  This video will focus on getting up wake surfing?  Watch this short video and listen the first time.  Go back and watch it again and focus on the surfers body position in the water, footing, handle grip, and his board.  Watching multiple times will and focusing on different areas will help you understand the technique a little better.  Check out more wakesurfing videos and helpful hints on our website 88 Gear


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