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darn tough socks the best you will every own sold at 88 gear sports

The Best Socks You Can Own!

What are the Top Rated and Most Durable Socks?

Let's tie in everything that makes Darn Tough Socks worth putting on your feet.  We are going to touch on the main points that make these sock the best pair you will ever own.  A brand built in the USA that stands behind every pair they make.

1. The Darn Tough Sock Guarantee 

First of all, this is a lifetime guarantee!  Who does that?  A Company that knows you will love their product and believes they are making a superior sock.  There are no strings attached to the Guarantee if they don't stand up to your expectations then you send them in for another pair.  Pretty simple!

2. Made in the USA

 Designed and craft in Northfield Vermont Darn Tough Sock have the perfect testing grounds for a better sock.  With the surrounding terrain, these socks can be tested for biking, snow, hiking, and work environments. With a Darn Tough Sock purchase, you will also be supporting local US jobs.

3. Merino Wool

Darn Touch Knows wool and they use the best.  Merino Wool is one of the best options for socks and your feet will breath better, be warmer, and stay dryer with this wool.  They source the wool from the US and around the globe to ensure you have the best materials in your socks.  Another cool point about Darn Tough is how close they work with the farmers and the people they source from. There are big efforts to make sure that they use sustainably sourced Merino Wool from sheep that are not exposed to the practice of mulesing.

Thanks for checking out this bit on Darn Tough Socks.  The Best Socks You Will Ever Own.  See more at 88 Gear Sports



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