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Cable Park Wakeboards - What is Different About Them?

Cable Park Wakeboards

Riding in the park is different from wakeboarding behind a boat.  You have a different carve, rope tension, and pull.   Let's not forget about the board that's different too.  The material, the flex, and bottom all make cable park boards extremely different from boat boards. 

First Cable Park Boards will have lots more Flex.  This will give the rider more options as they ride over boxes and features.  Boat boards will be stiff due to the explosion that needs to happen with the wake.  Park boards are also being made bigger as this allows the rider to have even more press on a box.   

Next, the base of a cable park board will usually be flat vs having contours.  The flat bottom allows the friction to be spread around the board.  It also allows for easier spins on the box and rails.  There usually won't be fins on a true park board but there are fins with a wide flat edge

If you want to try out Cable Park Wakeboarding in Wisconsin we suggest heading over to Launch Cable Park in Sauk County 


Ronix Highlife Cable Park Wakeboard


A new cable specific shape created to get you there bigger and higher. The Highlife has the most amount of rocker and bottom features of any Ronix board and is designed for bigger boosts both on air tricks and leaving a kicker. With a precise edge hold into air tricks and with nearly 1” more rocker than its Kinetik brother, this series will release from the water with more amplitude. Together with Flexbox 2 and wood running horizontally in the tip/tail, this board has infinite end pressure points with a more stout mid-section.

Ronix Highlife Cable Park Wakeboard - 88 Gear

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Check out the Ronix Press Play 

This high end cable shredder proves that not every aspect of a cable board has to be soft.  This shape has a variable flex along the rocker line with a thicker/stiffer belly, then transitions to a super thin profiled, soft tip/tail.  Some riders want to be able to rock into a press with a bigger pivot point underneath their feet and have a smaller flex point in the end of the board.  This style of board also creates bigger ollies and more snap off the kicker.  Comparable to the Flexbox 2 Kinetik Project, but with a bigger overall sweet spot, and a more affordable value.


•Rocker Flex
•G&R Technology
•Concave Bottom
•Endorsed by members of the Kinetik Crew

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