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Best Entry Level Snowboard Binding

What Entry-Level Snowboard Binding is Equal to Other Brands Top Models

If you are new to snowboarding or shopping for gear the first time you are probably looking at adding a bunch of gear.  That is assuming you moved past the rental equipment stage.  So the question is where do you start?  You probably have some of the essential outerwear and softgoods but are missing the snowboard, boots, snow bindings, helmet, goggles, and boots.  We are going to focus on the piece of hardware that keeps you locked down to the board. 

Details on Snowboard Bindings

This piece of snowboarding hardware is just as important as the board and boots.  It usually has the most moving parts and therefore might have more issues than your boots or snowboard.  The binding sits on top of the snowboard attached via the channel or 4x2 or 4x4 screw baseplate.  You will set it up in the position you want to stand on the board.  Usually, your feet are slightly more than shoulder-width apart with a ducked stance.  If you are riding both ways goofy and regular then the degree of your ducked feet should be almost the same for both feet.  Some bindings will have a quick entry system and others are built the traditional way if there is such a thing where you use one or two staps across the boot to lock it against the board/binding.  Now that some of the basics of the binding are covered let's discuss why we think the Union Flite Pro Snowboard Binding is one of the best entry-level bindins out there today. 

Union Flite Pro Features

  • Universal Disc Plate - What's cool about this is that the binding is going to work on almost any snowboard because it has the ability to go into channel boards, 4x4, and 4x2 setups.  So if you have a hand me down board or found a good deal on a used board these should work great for you. 
  • Ultra-Light Bindings - If you are new to the sport you will be using every muscle possible to keep balance and learn how to ride.  Having heavy and bulky gear will just make it harder to get around and pedal on the bottom of the mountain. 
  • Ultra Grip Toe Straps - More options are always better when it comes to gear.  Take Union toe straps, for example, they can go over the top of the boot toe or go around the front of the toe to push the boot back and down.  The thermoplastic is awesome because it's flexible and super durable. 
  • Lifetime Warranty -  Yes!   Followed by small print and minor details but lifetime warranty what they are saying their product is going to stand up to just about anything on the mountain.  
  • Priced at $149 - $175 - The Union Flite Pro Bindings are priced at a sweet spot for those who want a top grade bindings

Union flite pro snowboard bindings

Thanks for checking out the details on our top snowboard binding pick the Union Flite Pro.  You Can see all our Snowboard Gear at our Online Store 88 Gear

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