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Babe's Boat Care Products

Babe's Boat Care Products 

Babe's has a full line of items to keep your boat looking like new.  From a simple soap to seat cleaners and spot removers.  Water, Dirt, and Mildew smells are a thing of the past when you're using Babe's Cleaning Products. 

Take some Tips from Babe's on Seat Cleaning

What is Vinyl?

Vinyl is widely known as a soft flexible material used mainly for upholstering furniture and automotive interiors. This form of vinyl is a plasticized version of PVC Plasticizer oil is usually a petroleum by-product that gives vinyl its flexibility. A wide range of vinyl is produced for different purposes, both with and without fabric backing. Sunlight, heat, and dirt will break down vinyl.

Marine upholstery endures incredible abuse on a daily basis through normal use out on the water. The confusion starts on what to use to clean and maintain your upholstery. Manufacturers suggest “Regular washing with mild detergent and warm water or vinyl cleaners is sufficient to keep the cushions and vinyl coverings in good condition.”  As a consumer, we review the short list of products listed in the owner’s manual and find that the vinyl cleaner you have is not on the list and you’re concerned about damaging the vinyl.  Our suggestion is to focus on the list that indicates “Unacceptable Upholstery Cleaners” and do not use any of those.

Many chemical manufacturers blend multi-purpose degreasers and then re-name the products vinyl cleaners.  The problem with re-labeled degreasers is that they are formulated with caustic ingredients and solvents that will damage your vinyl and stitching.  BABE’S Seat Soap utilizes soap and mild biodegradable cleaners safe for use on a regular basis.

About Seat Soap

BABE’S Seat Soap has specifically been formulated to exceed the performance specifications outlined by marine upholstery manufacturers. This pH-balanced mild cleaner effectively cleans without drying the vinyl or stitching.  And, Seat Soap has a conditioning base solution that conditions your boat’s interior while it cleans. A major benefit of using Seat Soap is that it can be used on a regular basis.  Use Seat Soap as often as needed to maintain the new appearance of your upholstery.

How to Use and Apply Seat Soap

Spray apply a light misting of Seat Soap and allow to set for a period of up to one minute, scrub with a brush if necessary to remove dirt/grime from the fine crevices and wipe with damp terry cloth towel.  Seat Soap will leave your upholstery feeling soft and naturally clean. Finish with Babe's Seat Saver to fully condition and provide UV protection.

 Stains and Restoration

BABE’S Seat Soap is not a stain remover or restorative product. Once a stain has set into vinyl it is very difficult to remove if at all. Stains actually permeate into the vinyl and become part of the material structure. In addition, once your vinyl begins to degrade, deteriorate and crack it may not be restorable. We suggest you consult a marine vinyl upholstery specialist.

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