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2019 New Hyperlite Wake Gear

2019 Hyperlite Wake Gear

2019 Hyperlite Wakeboards and Wakesurf Boards

Check out all the newest wakeboards and surf gear from Hyperlite.  This is the most innovative line we have seen in a long time.  A couple of highlights are the new Comp Life Vests, the wakesurf line, and the wakeboard boots.  Now you can find even a bigger line up of regular wake boots.  Hyperlite was the first company to go to the system style boot which is great for the wake parks but some of the old school boarders still prefer the boot and binding altogether.  This summer they released a larger line up of the traditional wake boots. 

Traditional Hyperlite wake boots

The traditional boot mounts right to the board where the system bindings hold the boot in place.  Pictured above is a traditional wake boot setup.  Below is the system wake boot. 

Hyperlite System wake boots

Both are great boots and can be used for either boat riding or cable park riding.

New Life Vest

Next some the of the redesigned Comp Vests.  Let us look at the relapse vest which offers its rider great impact protection and mobility for inverts and spins.  The foam pads are strategically placed to help absorb impact in crucial areas.

hyperlite relapse life vest 

If you are riding with keys or cameras then this vest is perfect for you.  Notice the zippered pocket in the front.  You can easily store smaller items that are water friendly.  This life vest is not considered coast guard approved so places that check and require this might not let you wear this vest. 

Wakesurf Boards 

Last everyones favorite pastime wakesurfing.  That's right its not baseball anymore now that you can surf inland.  Hyperlite keeps evolving the surf line and this year is no different.  You can find two boards this year with foot straps.  The party shark and party shark quad surfers.  Why foot straps?  These are great for catching bigger airs, learning new tricks, and just learning to surf in general.  Decrease your learning curve with a wakesurf board that has foot straps.  

hyperlite wakesurf board with foot straps

Hyperlite has a full line of Wake Gear for every skill level.  If you are just starting out or have been riding for years you can find some amazing boards, vests, and accessories for the water.  Check out Hyperlite's 2019 Wake line up at 88 Gear Water Sports



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