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Wakeboard Packages Are The Way To Go

Wakeboard Packages The Best Way To Start

Choosing your first board shouldn't be a struggle.  If you're looking to get all the basic features and more from your board then you have come to the right place.  We picked some great boards at an affordable price.  Get your wake on with these wakeboards and binding packages.

 First up a Great Setup From Ronix

Vault Wakeboard Package

A hot off the press new shape with a thinner profile for reduced swing weight in the air, and more contact/feel with the water. Along with a new rocker line that naturally puts you underneath the board in a more centered position. The innovative new Vault recognizes that your body is crossed up riding toeside, and more inline heelside and every design aspect of this board takes this into consideration for the proper building block of wakeboarding.   

Ronix Vault With Divide Binding - Starting at $399.99





Our Last Wakeboard Package Pick Comes from Ronix

Ronix Code 21 Board Wakeboard

A freeride turning aquatic device, mixed with our most explosive 3 stage snap. The Code 22 has a slightly more aggressive kick to it’s 3-stage colleague, the One board. Created for the rider looking for mellow smooth arcing turns and a supercharged kick off the wake. Now you don’t have to ride behind a big wake to get the hang time you are looking for.

Modello Construction - A stripped down version of our other cores. Designed for the rider that wants a high-end board at our most affordable value.

 Priced at: $649.99



Thanks for checking us out. Find all your Water Sports Gear at 88 Gear


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