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Learn to Snowboard New Years Resolution

10 New Year Resolutions that are Not Weight Loss

What Else Can You Do Besides Weight Loss?

Everybody wants to be healthier lose weight feel better and look better.  That is a gimmie for a new years resolution and should be a goal all the time.  So what else can you do to make 2019 an awesome year?   We put together 10 items that will get you active and help others in the process.  You can print off the chart or just take a few of these ideas to start out.  

10 Resolutions for 2019

1. Learn to Surf or Teach Someone to Surf

2.Learn To Wakeboard or Teach Someone to Wakeboard

3. Learn to Snowboard or Teach Someone how to Snowboard

4. Spend Less time on your phone

5. Go Outside More

6. Travel Somewhere New

7. Do Something Nice For a Stranger Each Month

8. Look Up Old Friends and Say Hi

9. Forgive Someone

10.  Tell Friends How Much you Appreciate Their Friendship ( IN PERSON)

Be a better you in 2019 and enjoy life.  Thanks for checking out 88 Gear.  If you are looking to help someone snowboard or wakeboard check out some of our other blogs like Learning to Wakeboard.


10 new years resolutions that are not weight loss






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