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Mission tie-up boat fenders - 88 Gear

This Years Boating Must Have New Product

Boating involves various activities on and off the water and some are more active than others.  You can go from surfing behind the boat to hanging in a peaceful bay soaking up the sun and relaxing.  If its a mix of boating fun racing around the water and boat tie-ups then you need this must-have boat protecting piece.   

Your Boat Tie-Up Saver

The Mission titan fender is our top pick for all inboard boats.  This durable inflatable can sit between your boat and the one next to you keep you both safe from damage.  Titan fenders are inflatable so they won't be in the way on the boat and they are perfect once in the water.  They measure up 18 inches by 10 feet long making it almost impossible for the front of the boat or rear to have any impact with the boat next to it. 

Reasons We Like It 

You can't always count on your neighboring boat to have good fenders or any protection at all.  So we like to have two of these tie-up fenders for the ultimate boat protection.  They can also serve as a protective barrier for other objects and docking, but be careful with the surface that it will rub up against.  For example, let's take docks if you have a rubber lining this could also work as added protection for rough days on the water.  Just know that sharp and jagged surfaces will likely damage the titan fender faster than a smooth boat surface.  

More Boat Fender Options

Mission has multiple new fenders that make docking and boating less frustrating.  See what's new from Mission by checking out 88 Gear Sports 

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