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Mission Echo Wake Shaper at 88 Gear

Mission Echo Wake Shaper

New Budget-Friendly Wake Shaper

You now have more options than ever in the wake enhancing and shaping category.  Wakesurfing has become a bigger sport and more people are catching the surf fever.  So having the perfect wave to surf on is a must.  This aftermarket wake shaper can be added to any older or new inboard board to help improve the wake.  You would be surprised how many people still use wake shapers on newer boats to create the perfect pocket to surf on.  If you are looking to explore wake enhancing devices then look at the Mission Echo for a starter device on your boat. 

Mission Echo Details

ECHO is the newest addition to the MISSION Family. Mission ECHO is a no-nonsense wakeshaper that features drop-the-handle wave performance similar to solid panel wedge-style shapers. Its compact footprint fits in smaller spaces than other wedge-style shapers while delivering the wave performance you need at the price you want.

ECHO wakeshaper features:

    • Made with cross-linked, closed-cell foam 
    • Easily attaches to your boat with our proprietary HyLoft™ suction cups
    • Switch sides in seconds for regular or goofy wakesurfers
    • One-year warranty
    • Patent pending & proudly made in the USA


    ECHO’s solid-panel design and reduced footprint create a clean, surfable wake without significantly impacting your boat’s performance. The upper-cut main panel also offers improved boat compatibility over other wedge-style shapers.

    ECHO is perfect for surfers who want an entry-level wakeshaper that delivers drop-the-handle wave performance that other wedge-style shapers can’t offer. We recommend ECHO for surfers with older-model, flat-sided boats (made in 2000 or earlier)


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