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Radar Lyric Women's Water Ski 2018

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Radar Lyric Women's Water Ski 

These are for all the special ladies out there, three perfectly crafted skis designed just for you. Your beauty and grace demands a certain level of excellence that can only be found in the Radar line. We construct these skis with a specific flex allowing our ladies line to be more nimble and dynamic on the water. Special lay-ups let the skis flex easier, enabling easier initiation and seamless flow turn after turn. Whether you decide to ride the Lyric, the Butter Knife or the TRA you’ll be left more than impressed!


Lyric Ski Details

The Lyric is a Senate design but engineered to ski specifically for the first lady of the water. The quantity of carbon on the inside makes the finished product flex and perform for its intended user. You also enjoy smooth turns and effortless wake crossings thanks to the new All Terrain Core.

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