Ronix KOAL THRUSTER 2 - 2017 Wakesurfers

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Ronix KOAL THRUSTER 2 - 2017 Wakesurfers

Another high end performer that received a major facelift this year. This stealth creation comes with a sharper rail, bevel and bottom channels. The result… high speed maneuverability. Whether you are looking for more drive up the face of the wake, or added glide as you learn to ride without a rope – this is the fastest and hardest charging line of boards we have created in our many swells of producing high end surfers. Thought you knew what a wakesurfer was capable of? This electric Thruster is hands down the most responsive surfer we have ever tested – more bite in your bottom turn yet still has a quicker release off the peak. This speedy squash tail deck was conceptualized by a legend who grew up switching between salt and freshwater carves – Parks Bonifay


• Machined EVA concave pads with arch support and extra tall tail kick
• Ronix exclusive Fin-S 2 System
• Fiberglass cupped asymmetrical fins
– 1 symmetric 3.5” and 2 asymmetric 2.5”
• Handmade by Robots

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